OSC Top to Bottom Deep Clean

One Source Cleaning’s Top-to-Bottom Deep Cleaning Process for Move Outs

When it comes to deep cleaning, especially for move-outs, One Source Cleaning takes pride in a meticulous top-to-bottom approach. Our process ensures that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned, leaving your space in pristine condition. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process we follow to achieve a spotless home.

Cleaning Basics – Maintenance: Before diving into the deep cleaning process, we start with the basics of maintenance. This includes cleaning the kitchen, baths, other rooms, and floors, with a specific focus on dusting. We allocate time for each task, ensuring efficiency while maintaining high cleaning standards.

Kitchen/DR (30 min – 1 hr):

  • Cobweb and dry dust corners, lights, and fans with a duster extender.
  • Clean kitchen window, sill, and track; dust blinds.
  • Spot clean and wipe cabinets.
  • Clean outsides of the fridge and under small appliances.
  • Scrub and sanitize countertops; clean and sanitize sinks.
  • Shine and Polish all fixtures.
  • Empty trash and replace liners with client-provided ones.
  • Clean floors, being cautious not to use excessive water.

Bath (20 min – 1.5 hr):

  • Remove all items from the bathroom/shower area.
  • Cobweb and dry dust corners, lights, and fans with a duster extender.
  • Clean bathroom window, sill, track, and dust blinds.
  • Detail faucets, sinks, drains, bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink.
  • Clean shampoo hanger and soap dish.
  • Clean shower track; dry out the shower and clean glass door.
  • Use scrub to clean and sanitize countertops.
  • Polish faucets and shiny surfaces.
  • Always empty trash and clean floors.

Floors (30 min – 1 hr):

  • Clean under couches, beds, and furniture.
  • Vacuum (using client-provided vacuum) and move all items possible to get the whole floor.
  • Shake rugs outside; sweep, vacuum, and mop under large rugs and cabinets.
  • Wet mop using a cleaning solution, wringing out well.
  • Use minimal water and product on wood floors.
  • Small rooms do floors by hand (< 80sf).

General (Office/Living & Family/Beds/Foyer/Laundry):

  • Look up for cobwebs and dust lights and fans.
  • Dust picture frames and wall hangings.
  • Clean sliding glass door to the backyard and front door glass.
  • Vacuum stairs and wipe down railings.
  • Dust and tidy every room touched, fold blankets, straighten items on tables.
  • Spot clean walls and doors.
  • Polish mirrors and shiny surfaces.
  • Wipe all horizontal surfaces.
  • Shake out all rugs, make beds, remove trash.

Cleaning Basics – Deep/Rotating/Extra Time: When all maintenance cleaning is done, and there is extra time, we perform additional deep cleaning tasks in each room, such as returning air vent covers, detailing light fixtures, dusting high shelving, and more.

Requests – Take Extra Time: Clients can request additional tasks like changing sheets, cleaning/sweeping porches, watering plants, wet wiping down blinds, addressing fireplaces, individually cleaning knick-knacks, polishing furniture, loading/unloading dishes, and cleaning out closets/organizing.

One Source Cleaning’s top-to-bottom deep cleaning process ensures that every aspect of your home is thoroughly cleaned and ready for new occupants. Whether it’s a move-out or a routine deep clean, our meticulous approach guarantees a spotless and inviting living space. Trust us to make your transition seamless and leave your home in pristine condition.

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