One Source Cleaning Magic Eraser Plastic Tubs

Unlock the Secret to Spotless Plastic Tubs and Showers

A Cleaning Life Hack by One Source Cleaning

Are you tired of scrubbing tirelessly, trying every cleaning product under the sun, only to find that your plastic tub or shower still looks and feels dirty? We feel your frustration! Plastic textured surfaces pose a unique challenge when it comes to cleaning. But fear not, because One Source Cleaning is here to revolutionize your cleaning routine with a simple yet effective life hack that will leave your plastic tub or shower looking and feeling clean.

The Problem with Plastic

Unlike other surfaces, plastic tubs and showers can be stubbornly resistant to traditional cleaning methods. Despite your best efforts with soap and scrubbing, the dirt, grime and soap scum persist in the base of your textured floor, leaving your bathroom looking and feeling dirty. But why is plastic so tricky to clean?

Plastic textured surfaces trap dirt, grime, and soap residue, making it difficult to achieve a deep clean with conventional cleaning agents. Moreover, harsh chemicals can damage the plastic, causing it to become dull or discolored over time. It’s a frustrating cycle that many homeowners find themselves trapped in.

The One Source Cleaning Solution

But fret not, because we have cracked the code to achieving a spotless plastic tub or shower without the hassle or damage. Our secret weapon? Lemon oil, soap, and a magic eraser.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Lemon Oil: Lemon oil is a natural degreaser and stain remover that works wonders on textured plastic surfaces. Simply dilute a small amount of lemon oil in water and apply it to the affected areas using a sponge or cloth. The lemon oil will help break down stubborn stains and lift dirt and grime from the surface without damaging the plastic.
  2. Soap: Pairing lemon oil with a gentle soap creates a powerful cleaning solution that penetrates deep into the pores of the plastic, loosening dirt and grime for easy removal. We use dish soap, which doesn’t leave behind residue or cause damage to the plastic surface.
  3. Magic Eraser: For the ingrained dirt or soap scum buildup, a magic eraser can work wonders. Simply wet the magic eraser and gently scrub the affected areas in a circular motion. The abrasive texture of the magic eraser combined with the cleaning power of the lemon oil and soap will lift the ingrained dirt away.
  4. Bar Keepers: In the end you will use the normal cleaning method to finish the clean. Sprinkle a bit of barkeeps and soap, use a scrub brush to give the tub another once over and rinse.
  5. Multi-Purpose: Spray the whole area with a multi-purpose cleaner (like 409). We use an eco-friendly blend that is house made with Shaklee products. Wipe the area down with a rag and polish any fixtures. Leaving the area completely dry and looking cleaner than ever!

The Result: A Sparkling Clean Finish

With our simple yet effective life hack, you’ll be amazed at the transformation of your plastic tub or shower. Say goodbye to stubborn ingrained dirt and soap scum, and hello to a bathroom that looks as clean as it feels. Plus, because our method uses gentle, natural ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not exposing yourself or your family to harsh chemicals.

Experience the One Source Cleaning difference today and discover the joy of a truly clean bathroom. Say goodbye to the frustration of battling stubborn ingrained dirt and hello to a bathroom that sparkles with cleanliness. Try our lemon oil and soap life hack for plastic tubs and showers and see the difference for yourself. Your bathroom will thank you! Alternatively, hire One Source Cleaning and we will scrub away all the seemingly impossible to clean dirt and grime and your feet will be in heaven!

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